Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sisters of a Tribe

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who dreamed of having a sister.  Just one...or maybe, if she was lucky...two.

She wanted someone to share clothes with.
And tell stories to.
And laugh with.
And dream of boys with.

But she had no sister.  It was sometimes lonely.

And as she grew up, she began to realize she was...

She wasn't like the other girls she knew.  They kissed boys.  Shaved their legs.  Got their period.

And she felt even more...alone.   And she told no one how she felt.  Or what her secret was.  Because she was afraid she'd be laughed at and rejected.

She grew older.  Stayed silent.  Told no one her secret.

But one day, she realized that being alone was a choice she'd made.

A self-imposed prison.

And come to find out... her sisters had been there all along.  Waiting to meet her...and they understood exactly how she felt.  They were sisters of the same tribe.

Meeting other women struggling with infertility and going through the journey of surrogacy has been so wonderful.  But one of the reasons I particularly wanted to start this blog was because I didn't see any other stories out there of a woman with AIS going through a similar journey.  And so I wanted to put my story out a message in a bottle.  In case it someday reached the shores of someone who needed to read it and feel like they weren't alone.

Writing this blog and going through this process has not only opened so many doors in my heart...but opened up lines of communication as well.  And I can't thank my new sister enough for helping me find my tribe.

Eden, you are the best.  :-)

And to anyone else looking for their tribe, I encourage you to reach out.  You don't have to go it alone anymore.  


  1. This....This was a BEAUTIFUL post!! Keep writing and keep sharing it helps tremendously! xoxo!

  2. Hi! I recently found your blog. It's very helpful. I'm also in NYC and wanted to ask you some questions on using a national surrogate with NY residing parents. I'm new to the whole blog thing. Do I post my questions here or can I ask you privately? I know, I'm really not up with technology! Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Gina,
      Yes, email me offline and we can chat. I can be reached at:

      abrooklynfamily @ gmail . com

      (remove all the spaces).