Thursday, May 3, 2012

9 weeks 4 days ultrasound + random ramblings...

B had another ultrasound today and our little bean has gotten so big since last time!!  He/She is starting to look a lot more like a little baby!  You can see a head, arms and legs!!  Heart rate was 170!  More than last time...maybe the faster heart rate is because he/she is growing so fast!!

Seriously can't believe how much bigger she/he seems!

(Obviously I am going to need to come up with a name for the baby other than referring to it as she/he.)  Hmm...I'll put some thought into that and figure out what to call it.  (And yes, other than "it" too...!!)

In other news, I've started making some beginner nursery plans!!  I's early and I really shouldn't b/c we're still in our first trimester, BUT I have so much time to kill!!  Waiting is haaaaaaard!  (Insert my whiney teenager voice here.  Haha!)  So I've been looking at various furniture and trying to figure out how we're going to create a nursery in our tiny space.  And one of the things I know that I'm going to need is a rocker/glider.  Our friend has really enjoyed hers with her 10 month old, but the thing is I hate the way most of them look.  So I figured, "Hey I live in New York City.  Surely someone has a great looking rocker or glider for sale."  And sure enough, I found the prettiest wicker glider yesterday afternoon.  We're going by to pick it up tomorrow.  So exciting!  Here's a pic.  It's going to look so cute in our future nursery.  (And until then, it will reside in the corner of our bedroom.)

I can't wait to see it in person.  I've been doing more than little daydreaming about cute nursery decor.  Maybe because the decorating and space planning is the part that comes easy to me...and is what I find fun.  I'm kind of stressed about whether or not I am going to try and induce lactation though.  Tonya already started and is having awesome results!!  (Congrats girl!)  But it kind of makes me feel freaked out even more.  Mainly because I'm going to need to discuss with the doctor about having to reduce my current hormone replacement regimen, which messes with my moods and energy and blah blah blah.  I dunno.  Just mainly it makes me realize how little I know about parenting and how much I have to learn...

But I'm up for the task, and will just have to put some mental energy into something besides cute crib bedding this weekend and think about practical stuff like whether or not I want to induce.  Oh and this whole method of how to do that.  Hmm...

Anyways, for now I'm just so grateful and thrilled that our little baby is growing bigger each day!  I cannot wait to meet the little bean in person!!

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  1. Hey girl! Thanks for the congrats!! Email me, I can give you the "skinny" on inducing and answer any questions you have! babydreams2011 AT gmail dot com.. CONGRATS on your ultrasound, baby is looking definitely BABY like now! LOVE the u/s pic!