Monday, May 21, 2012

12 weeks and a quick update!

OMG.  We're 12 weeks pregnant today!  It doesn't seem real.  That's definitely the hardest part of this surrogacy process.  The "feeling real" part.  Life here in NYC is carrying on as normal while our baby is busy growing to be the size of a peach over in MS.

My mom came to visit this past weekend, and that really helped me to start feeling the baby vibes.  She gave me space planing advice on how to rearrange the furniture to include a nursery.  I've been doing lots of research on "small space nurseries" and it's laughable the photos and advice that comes up.  It's clear that the rest of America doesn't truly understand small spaces in the same way as New Yorkers.  I was about to sacrifice our "living room" area to become the nursery, but she convinced me that our very large walk-in closet (with a window) was a better option and would allow us to keep the living room for another two years.  Of course, mom is right!  So we're going to be re-configuring the clothing situation and turning half that space into the baby's room.  But we've actually decided to hold off on that for the first few months and have the baby's crib right in our room.  We've been thinking about the DaVinci Mini Rocking Crib as the crib for us.  It's got lots of great reviews from other small-space parents, and is one of the better looking mini-cribs out there.  (Let me interject by saying there are SO few options on mini-cribs.  I'm surprised.  It made me want to go into nursery furniture design to come up with some cuter options!!)

Anyways....that's where we've been.  Also been thinking about names a lot to help pass the time.  I've been having fun looking at all the names being searched on  We've got a ton of names picked out, but we can't really pick out just one that we like the best.  There are a ton that make us laugh though.  Who names their child "Wolf"?

Well, I'd best finish getting ready for work.  Have a great day!


  1. Congrats on 12 weeks!!!
    We were thinking Wolf, but are worried it's way too common and we want something more? more... ridiculous??? ;)