Friday, May 31, 2013

Baby Update: 6 months later

Lots of things have been going on since I last posted.  Mostly just being a mom stuff though.  It's been great.  F is SO big now. She's already wearing 12 month clothes even though she's only 6 months.  At her checkup she was 28" long!  And she's finally started taking solid food....although not well.  She really hates it.  One of the only ways we've been getting her to eat is by using the kidsme baby feeder.  It's a miracle for anyone whose baby doesn't want to accept a spoon into her mouth no matter what. 

Here are a few pics to show how she's growing! 

She's a budding fashionista thanks to our friends who love to give her baby outfits.

She's been sleeping  through the night since 2 we feel extremely fortunate for that.  She's also a pretty good napper too.  (As seen here!!)

And even though it's not a baby can see what Brooklyn looks like in 90 degree weather!!  :-)