Saturday, May 5, 2012

First official nursery purchase

We've purchased our first official nursery item.  I completely fell in love with this glider that I found on Craigslist, and the former mom was so nice.  She hated to see it go, but was glad that it was "going to a good home."  Awwww...well, our little bean is going to really appreciate getting rocked in this bad boy.  And little bean's mom is totally going to appreciate that it's not an eyesore.  Plus, it was super cheap to boot!!  (I LOVE a good bargain!!)  Happiness all around...


  1. GORGEOUS!!! I am in the market for one, too gonna hit up craigslist thanks to your great find, great idea!

    1. Thanks! You should definitely look up what is on Craigslist....there is also a local mom's yahoo group where parents are often selling or giving away things cheap. You might look for something like that too. Also, I got your email!! I went onto Ask Lenore to read up on the "Menopause Protocol." (Nothing pains me more than having to say that....Haha!) Anyways, I'll write you back soon. And yes, I'd love to meet your friend if she's local! Talk to you soon!!!!

    2. Oh girl I know the feeling I was like "BUT I DONT HAVE MENOPAUSE!" LOL!! But it works as you can see!! Will look for your email! :)