Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Telling people...a few at a time.

Today I went to work and ended up telling three people about the fact that we're expecting...

A colleague came into my office to tell me of another co-worker's sister whose baby was just delivered stillborn.  Very shocking and sad news.  (Keep her in your prayers for any of you out there that do that.)  That conversation ended up going down a path about babies and people we knew that have them...and she asked me if we were planning on having any kids.  At which point I confessed our news.  She was elated for us and even teared up!  It turns out that she'd gone through IVF to get pregnant with her son, so she knew what it was like to have to struggle to get pregnant.  Back to our co-worker's sister though...I can't even imagine going through that.  And in fact, I have a friend that had the same thing happen to her two years ago.   Thankfully now she has a lovely, healthy baby girl.

Next I told my assistants, as I mentioned I would in my previous post.  They took it quite well, but upon revealing that we were having to use a gestational carrier, one of them said...."OMG!  That's so weird!"  I think that she didn't know how to react obviously.  Then she started with the whole, "well at least you don't have to get fat!"  I just gave her a look that said, "Yeah, I would rather do it that way...but at least we have this option." 

What I learn each time when I tell someone is that it's never easy.  I find myself a little shy about telling them just how we're having the baby.  But whatever...

Anyways...would love to hear from some of the other IMs on how you broke the news to your friends, family and co-workers.


  1. Oh, I LOVE when people react with "oh at least you don't have to get fat and be all pregnant" ..... I know they mean well, but it comes across as hurtful. I'd LOVE to get "FAT" and be all pregnant with hormones..
    Glad you were able to share. The more you share, the easier it gets to talk about how the baby is being brought into the world. It's such a miracle and I think we are the lucky ones to be able to do it this way. :-)

    1. Yes, I feel incredibly grateful that there are wonderful women who are willing to "babysit" for us for 9 months!!! Hah! I was talking to my mom about telling people this morning, and she was like..."You don't have to tell anyone you don't want to!" And I responded, "Well, I'd rather tell people than just have them create their own story of how we suddenly ended up with a baby." Even better if I get to tell them with a glass of wine in my hand. ;-)