Saturday, May 5, 2012

Checklist for an obsessive Intended Mom in her first trimester...

I thought I'd prepare a few things on my upcoming to-do list.
  1. Call my doctor about inducing lactation.  Since I'm on HRT, will I need to reduce my medication?  Is it safe for the baby for me to breastfeed even if I'm able?  
  2. Find a local Intended Moms for support.  This task seems a bit harder than I would have thought.
  3. Start researching daycare options.  In NYC you have to get on a super long waiting list for daycare.  May as well start now b/c one day we'll need it much to my dismay.
  4. Look for a baby book.  After all, I want a place to record all those personal thoughts to our baby that I won't necessarily say here.
What else is there?  First time mommy over here that has no idea which direction to head next.  :-)

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