Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Please pray...B is bleeding.

Just putting it out there so all of you can say a prayer (or cross your fingers...whatever) for B. She started bleeding today and had to go to the emergency room. They did an ultrasound and she texted to say that they still found a heartbeat at 138 bpm, but she may have to go on bed rest and is still talking with the doctor. Please pray that everything is okay with our baby. That little kidney bean needs to keep growing!!

Update:  B was sent home and ordered bed rest through next week.  Apparently the baby is fine, and the bleeding (which B said was quite a bit) was due to an irritated cervix?  Not sure what that means or why it would have caused her to bleed so much, but hopefully she gets better soon and off bed rest.  I know how she hates to be down, especially with 4 kids.  Of course, still we'd appreciate any positive thoughts and prayers for the baby's continued well-being.  Thanks all!

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  1. OK that's good news, from the bleeding aspect.. I promise! Pelvic rest is the cure and if she is on suppositories, that will and CAN cause spotting/bleeding!! Glad it was nothing more serious, but I know it's scary! Praying she heals up and is off bedrest quickly! xoxo!