Friday, April 6, 2012

Okay....I lied. There's more to report than just morning sickness.

As Bernadette is in India struggling to deal with her two very premature newborn twins in Delhi NICU and fighting with an American insurance company, and Lisa & Lori have now lost their pregnancy so early in this journey...I have to admit something that I've not wanted to speak about for fear that it becomes more real.

First, I want to say that B is still pregnant as far as we know and yes, we're still waiting for our ultrasound on April 11th.  What I haven't said is that her husband of 10 years left her last week for another woman.  And she has four children at home.  While she's pregnant with our child.  Only weeks after she gets back from California for our transfer.  And the other woman is actually her friend that traveled to California with her for the transfer.  (She was in the room with us when she had the transfer!!)  Words cannot describe the stress and heartache that our lovely B is going through right now, and it's kept me worried and praying nonstop ever since I found out last weekend.

I wasn't sure I should (or would) write about this on the blog, but I feel compelled to be honest about all that we're going through during this journey.  It's not an easy process for sure, and there are ups and downs.  I cannot imagine having this happen, much less with four young children and pregnant with someone else's child.  As we continue to nervously wait for our ultrasound, please pray for B and the stress that she's under.  

Right now we're praying for peace for her and our baby each day.


  1. I am praying girl!!! I wanted to also tell you to invest in a fetal doppler! Its less than $60 bucks including shipping AND you will have peace of mind between appts that your little one is ok.. that's where I got ours.. Keeping you, B, the bun and the kiddos in prayer.. Wishing something entirely different on the hub and the ex-friend, grrr!!! >:-(

  2. Holy fck. And she went to the transfer??? Ew.
    Some people just deserve to rot.
    All that drama aside - 4.11 is your day. Keep the faith.

  3. Gosh how awful for B. Prayers to all.

  4. what a difficult situation, but I'm sure your little one is a fighter - just like his/her tummy mummy. Stay strong for all.