Saturday, April 14, 2012

More thoughts on telling your child about their biology (re: egg donation / sperm donation)

Thanks to one of the SM's on I was pointed to a series of reports on NPR about surrogacy, and one in particular caught my eye.  It was this one titled "A New Openness for Donor Kids about their Biology."  Of course, the topic of how to tell our child that he/she was conceived using a donor egg has been something I've already been thinking about somewhat and posted on earlier, so it was nice to read more on the topic.

It was also thought-provoking reading the comments...


  1. I am making a scrapbook of our journey and plan on showing the baby this as a story book so s/he knows just how much they were wanted! I am making a book for my sis in law as well as a gift for her to remember our journey! :-)

    1. I think we'll end up doing that too. Most likely we'll end up using to create a hardbound version scanning in all our photos, etc. But I definitely think that's a great idea!!