Thursday, March 1, 2012

Gifts for your Surrogate on Transfer Day?

Hey there, I know there are VERY few of you reading this, but in case anyone is and wants to give any thoughts, I'd love to know what you have either a) given your surrogate or b) received as a surrogate from your IPs when you go in for transfer day?  Just thinking that we'd like to do something.  I already got some cute stuff for her kids, but wanted to get her something too of course.  :-)


  1. What about a basket of some things to keep her occupied during the 2ww? A robe, slippers, magazines, a journal?

  2. Yes, I've been considering things like that. We're all traveling to California for the transfer. We live in NYC and she lives in MS, so I'm trying to keep things contained. I did get her an awesome surrogacy t-shirt last night that I hope she likes. (,132157080)

    But a robe is a great idea. I have one in mind actually....hmmm...let's see if it's still there. :-)