Friday, March 9, 2012

Leaving tomorrow on a jet plane!

We leave for California tomorrow, and our retrieval is on Monday!  The patient care representative emailed us tonight to let us know that our egg donor is doing extremely well and growing a lot of eggs.  So far it looks to be over 30 for the retrieval based on her ultrasound today!  We're so excited!!  Woohoo!

N has decided that we should both go "off the internet" for at least several days to try and really enjoy ourselves with our friends in CA as well as actually try to relax without a computer screen in front of our faces.  Difficult considering we both have smartphones and are constantly playing with them.  So, "off the internet" means no instagram, no facebook, no blog reading for me, and no email.  I'll do my best.  ;-)

Wait, did I say it looks like we're going to retrieve over 30 eggs!?  Wooooooot!!  *Send positive thoughts our way*  After the egg retrieval we're going to need sticky thoughts to make sure that one little single embryo STICKS!   :-)

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