Saturday, March 31, 2012

Coloring books

One of my favorite things to do as a kid was color. I spent hours and hours on that activity.  I think it kept me out of trouble somewhat and probably why my mom liked me doing it.  (Probably a tactic I will use on our future child too...but not just for that reason of course.) 

Before leaving for California for our transfer, I was going to try and find some cool coloring books for B's kids, but couldn't seem to find any. Well, thanks to Apt Therapy's post yesterday that was a round-up of cool coloring books, the search is over. I'm so excited because there are so many here that I'd want to buy someone else's child, but also ones I kind of want for myself...or to squirrel away for our future little child to harness their artistic side.

These two in particular have caught my eye, and I think I'll run out today to buy a couple.  Some for B's kids as a little care package (as I already have the crayons to send along with it), and one or two for myself (ahem, I mean for our future baby).  :-)

Available at Sprout Home for $6.95

The Road to Rock Coloring Book via Etsy $12
I love them all.   So amazing that they have better coloring books than just the Little Princess stuff that I see in the stores these days.  I would have adored these as a kid.

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