Saturday, March 24, 2012

7dpt - HPT Results - Second line still there!

Well, it's now 7 days post transfer and B (our surrogate) is still showing a second pink line for the 1st Response brand HPT.  Yesterday, B used another brand and didn't get a line (not sure of the brand).  She tried both brands today, and says there is a very faint line on the second brand.  (I can't see it in the pics, but she assures me it's there.)  Meanwhile, the original 1st response brand second pink line seems to be showing a bit stronger than our 5dpt pics.

I'm trying to find out what the second brand of HPT is from the agency.  (They're the ones who sent them to her.)  Once I find out, I'll update the post.  At any rate, I don't like that new version b/c I have no idea what I'm supposed to be looking at.  UPDATE:  The second version is from

In the meantime, we have our first beta test on Monday.  It was originally Tuesday, but the RE moved it to Monday.

*Fingers Crossed for good numbers!!*


  1. I can see the 2nd line on the strip test! (probably just an internet cheapie, kind of like a wondfo!) I see it though and your FRER line is looking REALLY AWESOME!! WOOOHOOOO!

    1. WOOOHOOOO!!! So excited!! I found out that the strip test is from bulk tests bought at Hmmm....definitely thinking they're cheapies, but I'm still glad you can see a line there. You must have better eyes than me!! :-)

    2. Yep, OK look at where the white "bump" is from the part that you hold and then look at the dark line.. a hair to the left of it is a VERY faint pink line.. You can see it if you click the picture on your blog it makes it HUGE. Try it, you will see it! Look at your blog like we see it though! :) And yep totally an internet cheapie, LOL!

    3. Ha!'re right! I see it! I see it!!