Monday, November 5, 2012

36 weeks: Long overdue update

So today is 36 weeks, and I'm long overdue for an update.  A lot has happened since my last one... We set up the baby's nursery.  We decided on a name.  Hurricane Sandy hit Brooklyn.  My friend and mother-in-law threw me a baby shower.   Human resources at my job dropped a major bomb on me.

But first, let's start at the beginning...

Two weekends ago, N and I finally had a free moment to buckle down and put the baby's room together.   What started out as a simple rearranging of furniture, turned into larger painting project too.  The baby's room had already been painted and so we felt like we were in good shape, but when we started moving stuff around in our dining room (now our catch-all family room) we realized the walls needed some major help.  Anyways, the end result is great and the baby's room is really cute.  Here's a peak.

Our baby room theme is loosely based on a children's book called "Maude & Claude Go Abroad."  It's about two little fox siblings that want to travel the world and end up meeting a whale who becomes their friend.  (The book was merely a way for me to decorate around foxes, whales and travel.  Oh, and with a little vintage mixed in of course.) 

N is making the baby (who's name is 99.9% likely going to be Fiona) a mobile with characters from the story.  And I'm making her a patchwork baby blanket that consists of napkins from our wedding.  I'm getting much further along and hope to finish it this weekend.

Then Hurricane Sandy hit, and we were cooped up in the apartment for days.  Fortunately we had power so we were able to continue working on our baby craft projects, but sadly many of our friends and co-workers were not so lucky.  We feel very blessed to have come out of everything alive and well.

After spending the entire week on our sofa (attempting to work from home), we escaped to Philly for the baby shower.  It was great seeing friends and family come together to celebrate Fiona's arrival. My friend said it was the first time she'd ever been to a baby shower where the mom was double fisting champagne.  (Oh well, there's a first time for everything!!)

This cashmere blend baby blanket with a fox on it is probably my favorite gift that we received.  It's sooooo soft and it's not PINK!!  :-)  Plus I love foxes!

Unfortunately today, Human Resources at my job decided to ruin my day when they came down to inform me that it doesn't look like I'll be able to take a paid maternity leave.  What?!?  WHAT?!?!  This is news to me and coming at a very late stage in this process.   Tomorrow I have another meeting with them to further discuss the matter.  As it turns out, if you're not pushing the baby out of your vajayjay, then the world seems to want to rain on your parade.  Oh well....hopefully I'll have better news on that.


  1. OMG!!! OK I LOVE HER NAME!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the nursery!! It looks amazeballs!! Now as for your job: Ummm, that doesn't sound right to me! Can they do that? Is that even legal?!? How you become a mother shouldn't matter, dudes don't push babies out either and they get paternity leave or FMLA?! WHAT DA HECK!?!

    1. Well, they can't deny me time off. That is not the part that is being debated. It's about whether I'll receive maternity pay as all my co-workers do. It's paid out through Short Term Disability, and I'm guessing they can't claim that I'm disabled. I don't know, but I'm going to fight it. And if they don't end up paying me, I'm going to be looking for a new job in short order. Either way it left me and N feeling really terrible last evening. (Still am worried today. In fact, I'm still VERY worried too that we haven't found daycare yet. Living in NYC is such a pain in the a$$ sometimes.) Anyways in more exciting news....I can't wait to see pics of Greyson!! You're going to be a mommy so soon!!

    2. Ooooh gotcha... Well yeah that makes sense then, sorry hun! Christy is using STD because she's delivering.. Dammit!! I hope they work something out with you though, will say a prayer!