Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Update: Paid Maternity Leave Drama

So it's day #2 trying to deal with the bombshell that my company won't pay for my maternity leave because I'm not the one who's technically giving birth.  This infuriates me because the company pays for other women's maternity leave.  Am I not equal to them?  Is my child somehow lesser than because I was not able to carry it?

Human Resources is currently "discussing the matter" with the VP of Benefits in my company, and I hope they can come up with a solution that allows me my pay.   But I'm livid about getting this sprung on me so late in the game when they knew my situation.  This makes me so angry.

If it doesn't get resolved by the end of the week, then I'm taking it directly to the President of the company.  This is outrageous!


  1. I hope you get it! You must be at a pretty amazing company that offers anything paid. What, do you work in Europe or something ?? ;)

  2. For John he gets FMLA (unpaid) 12 weeks, BUT he has the option of using his vacation time which is what he is doing so he is going to take 60hrs right off the bat then add days on to the back of his days off throughout the year until he has taken 12 weeks off, that way he is still getting paid and still getting days off, but since you are the MOMMY you should get your leave in one chunk, your job needs to get it together!

  3. I didn't weigh in on this yesterday because I was so very angry I couldn't even seen my phone keyboard! You deserve maternity leave, you have earned maternity leave and I would imagine you have a lawsuit if they don't give you something. I can't believe they are letting you know this late in the process. It isn't like they didn't have a clue. Do they offer maternity leave for traditional adoptions? Those of us who become moms in an unconventional manner deserve just as much respect and time as anyone else. Please keep me updated.