Saturday, July 28, 2012

Starting to feel those 679 square feet...

Today the hubby and I decided to get up early (8:30am, ha!) and start working on the closet/nursery.  So after a leisurely breakfast and some morning Olympics, we got going around 10am.  The goal was to put some high capacity Elfa shelving into the space that would theoretically give us room for both clothes & baby.

After a little demolition and a bit of painting, we hit the Container Store and spent $200 on Elfa bits and pieces.  We came home and installed it....after some cursing about buying the wrong wall-mounting screws (of course)!  But I'm not so sure we really gained as much as we thought we were going to.  And the new location for the clothes is pretty tight to access.   So what do I do?

Start to panic of course.

Why did we think it was a good idea to have a baby in NYC?!  Why don't we live in Wisconsin or even Philadelphia still?  Heck, we had a four bedroom house there!!  Here we have a teeny apartment with no yard for our dogs to run around in.  No imaginary chickens to get fresh eggs from in the morning!

I'm feeling slightly better after sitting down and putting my feet up to type this.  But an hour ago I wanted to jump out the window.  The reason for this is because our apartment is starting to look like a hoarder's.  Breast pump equipment sitting around.  Baby bathtub.  Baby clothes with nowhere to put them.  You name it, and it's probably sitting around my apartment right this moment.  I love to have things in their place.  We just happen to have a good amount of things. (You recall that i just mentioned we downsized from a 4 bedroom, right?  Well...yeah, a lot of that is in our apartment.)

Anyways, realizing we need to continue to purge.  And the hubby is trying to keep me sane. Thank god I'm married to such a kind, understanding man.  :-)


  1. It will all come together, you'll see! Try not to stress, you will make room for baby, I just know it! HUGS!!

  2. All part of the journey. Everything will find its place like it had been there forever. Trust me. :)