Thursday, July 26, 2012

21 week update

My wonderful aunt text messaged me this evening with "No blog post!?!  Are you okay?"  So I thought I'd post just to let everyone know what's going on with us these days.

  • We're super excited about having a girl!!  To make it feel more real, cute gifts have already started rolling in...including the crib, some adorable baby clothes from my sister, and some crib bedding.   
  • Realizing that I'd better start registering to figure out the rest of what we'd need, I've been spending my nights working on our registry by comparing reviews on bottles, pack-n-plays, and looking at cute baby clothes.  We're registered at amazon b/c they have it all! (And yes, I am the type of person who compares reviews on baby bottles.)
  • I signed up for based on a recommendation from a friend...and I've already made TWO purchases in one week.  It turns out girls clothes are ADORABLE and getting deals so cheap made me HAVE to purchase them.  As soon as they come in, I'll post pics.  I love a good flash sale that plus baby stuff is lethal.  Need to stop looking at zulily asap.  :-)
  • N and I have been thinking about baby names A LOT!  It's the first question people have asked when we tell them that we're having a girl.  And yes, we have a number of names on the list.  We just can't seem to decide which one.
    • Fiona - one of my favorite names since I was a kid.  I fell in love because of an actress from Days of Our Lives.  What can I say?  Do I care that there's a green princess from Shrek with the same name?  Slightly...but not much.  
    • Gwendolyn "Gwenna" - always liked the long version, and I like the short version as something similar to Emma.
    • Kenzie - my mother's maiden name is McKenzie, and therefore have always loved it as a name for a girl.  However it's my cousin's first name too.  Feeling like it might be too close.  Still love the familial connection.
    • Rowan - I love boys names for girls, and this is one of them.  Plus I love the Irish connection which both N and I have.  
    • Aria - N really loves this name, and I like it too...but am a bit concerned b/c it's a character on our favorite show "Game of Thrones."  Could become very popular b/c of that.  
    • June - It's the month we started dating...and the month we got married.  I love it because it's simple and classic.  (Also like the Italian version Junia.)
    • Magnolia - I love this name because it's unusual but familiar.  It invokes memories of the South which is where I grew up...and where our daughter is being born.  It's the state tree of Mississippi, and the flowers smell great.  
    • Genevieve - Maybe I watched too much "Trading Spaces," but either way...I love this name. 
    • Lucinda - Lucinda Williams is a wonderful singer that we both love.  I also love the short version Lucy.   (Be glad we didn't go for Emmylou b/c we adore Emmylou Harris as well.)
  • We've been figuring out some projects in the apartment that we need to do before the baby comes...such as making more room in the closet (which is to soon become her domain.) 
  • I've been still taking my pills to induce lactation...but just this week switched from Provera to Prometrium.  Tonya convinced me that I should switch since I wasn't feeling much palpable results from the Provera.  Here's hoping it gets better soon.  And in another 28 days I'll be pumping.  Definitely hoping for something!!  
Also, I'd love to give a big hug to all the people out there that have been supporting me through this.  This blog has been amazing to connect with family and friends (both new and old).  I'm so glad that you are all here and understand.  *HUGS*

p.s. The baby and B are both doing fine.  :-)


  1. Now I have my much needed fix of info on all things baby related. Thank you! Love the Aunt who can't get enough info!

    1. Love you!!! Thanks for being such a support!

  2. It's so exciting (and expensive) preparing for baby's arrival! Glad t hear you're enjoying it. Also, those are all great names. I love Magnolia!

  3. We have Genevieve and Fiona on our list too for the same exact reasons! Plus, we both love Paris and Genevieve fits with that area and sound.