Friday, July 6, 2012


B reports that she's craving cornbread, beans, watermelon, and chicken & dumplings a bunch recently, and she can't seem to get enough of them.  It appears that our baby takes after me and loves good southern food as well.  Hopefully N will be able to convince our baby to someday eat kale like he's done me.  Haha.

I just had to post b/c hearing her cravings made me smile so much.  I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful surrogate carrying our baby.


  1. That's so great!! It makes me smile for you! Lori texted me last night saying her toothpaste made me gag, like it did when she was preg with her own 3 kids.. made me smile and cheer (because now the physical symptoms are comforting!)
    I think I'm going to try inducing lactation too. I did it with my son, but I wasn't as fully committed. I did produce milk for him, but only the first day or so because he just wasn't getting enough. Have you bought a pump or are you renting?
    Stalking your blog for gender reveal! :-)

    1. Hey there! Yes, hearing about the physical symptoms are very comforting for us intended moms. Plus her email was just so sweet too. I try very hard not to micro-manage her...partially b/c it's not my personality, but mainly b/c she has four healthy kids of her own to take care of. So it felt really good to get such a heartfelt email saying how careful she was being and trying to eat well and worrying about stuff that she never worried about with her own pregnancies. I have often wondered what she's eating, but am not the person who would ask. So hearing about these cravings made me smile...

      My friend gave me her Medela Pump-in-Style. I've replaced all the hoses, etc...which wasn't much money. So that's been a blessing. Is there anyone you know who might do the same for you?

      And as for the gender reveal, we're finding out on July 16th. We're going to video the whole thing too. I can't wait. We'll post it soon after!

  2. I can't wait for your gender reveal!!! OMG!! I am totally stalking too! I love hearing those sweet updates too, it just makes my day...