Sunday, July 29, 2012

Breaking news...on the nursery

So after completely moving almost every piece of furniture in our apartment other than our bed, we've decided that we are NOT putting the baby in the closet.  Even though we technically can fit the crib in there (and a changing table), it would mean splitting my clothes into three (almost four) locations.  Getting dressed this morning almost threw me over the edge.  I realized that our baby girl (who today we're referring to as Gwenna), would not like her mom to be a mess.  So we've decided to convert the living room into the nursery.  (Mind you, not today since it's going to take more than just rearranging the furniture.)

Anyways...this means that baby will have a room and closet of her own.  I'll have my clothes in one spot (and a modicum of sanity).  And all it took was rearranging all the furniture we own to figure this out.

I'll get to actually decorate a real nursery after all.  In the end, I'm not even sad about losing the living room since we just figured out we can compress our dining area and put the loveseat in there.  Sweet!!


  1. If anyone can make it work out beautifully it is you. And you are right, don't make yourselves unnecessarily uncomfortable. We think they need every apparatus and toy on the market. She's already going to have everything she needs in two loving parents! And one extremely doting aunt. Lol

    1. Ha! Well, the irony was that we thought we were going to be less stressed by keeping the living room arrangement the same. But I began thinking more about it and thankfully N agreed to play Furniture Re-arranger with me. Once we had everything in a different spot and could really sit and feel the rooms the way they would be...we got way more comfortable in consolidating the living & eating areas.

      I also feel better about having all the baby stuff in one room. Considering how small our apt is both the "living room" and "closet" are equally close to our bedroom...separated by only a doorway. Haha. So the baby will be just as close.

  2. LOVE IT! Can't wait to see what you do with her nursery! Happy 22 weeks!

  3. First of all, how old is the baby? If the baby is 6-months old, he or she can have a personal room, though still, they’ll need a companion for they still are in a delicate condition. Make sure that the room is colorful, most especially the crib. Different colors can help motivate and enhance the infant’s well-being.
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