Tuesday, June 19, 2012

16 wk 1 day belly shot! (Plus update)

B sent us a pic of her belly today!!  So cute!! She's got the smallest little baby bump!  It feels more real for sure now!  And of course, now that I've had one...I'm definitely going to want more.  LOL.  I'll see if I can get her to send us one a week.  

As for me and the lactation, things are fine I suppose.  The breasts don't seem to have gotten any larger and don't feel "full" or any different really.  After next week I'm going to start pumping earlier than what the protocol says to do, but it seemed to work well for Tonya...so we'll see.

Not much else to tell really.  I'm meeting another woman in person this weekend who is doing the whole adoptive breastfeeding as well.  Her adoptive baby is being born in Sept so she's on an accelerated protocol.  It will be interesting to compare notes with her.

Alright...it's late.  Heading to bed.  I can't stop looking at our pic though!   :-)


  1. Totally get weekly shots, its something to look forward too! Love the pic and YAY you, lets skype soon, tell me when is good for you! xoxo

    1. Yes, I want weekly shots. I'd asked for this one two weeks ago, and she just forgot to take one and send it. I guess having 4 kids under 8 years old can do that to a person? Anyways, I'm not usually one to pester, but in this case I might make an exception.

      I'm headed out of town this weekend starting tomorrow night for a conference, so I probably won't have time to Skype until next week. But I can't wait to catch up "in person!" :-)