Thursday, October 4, 2012

31 wks 3 days: Doctor Visit Update

Today was an awesome day!  Thanks to Tonya's suggestion, we were on speakerphone during B's first appointment with the new doctor!  This was our second doctor visit, and I was much better prepared than last time with lots of questions!  (Such as when is the induction date so we can plan?!)  But anyways, I loved feeing like a part of it all.  For any other intended moms out there, you should definitely do this if you can't make it to the appointments.  I don't know why it never occurred to me before!

At any rate, the first thing the doctor said when doing the ultrasound was, "This baby looks to be 33 weeks instead of 31."  I almost fell over in my chair.  Anyways, it turns out that our baby girl is measuring big!  She's already weighing in at 4lbs 11oz!  And I guess she's long too.  (Although I forgot to write down her measurements.)  So that was the good news.  The bad news is that she's currently breach.  Of course, we're hoping that she turns back down, and I won't worry about that one b/c we still have time.  (B's last doctor visit, the baby was head I guess she likes to squirm around alot in there!  The doc said she was definitely active on-screen!)

Not much else to tell.  My mom and I were talking tonight (as I was telling her all about the appt) and it came out that she was planning on being in the delivery room with us and B (plus don't forget B's husband).  It had never occurred to me that she thought she was going to be in the delivery room...and I don't know how comfortable I am with the thought of it.  I certainly haven't talked about it with B.  Anyways, I need to percolate on that for a bit.  I'm not sure the protocol...

So that's it for the day!


  1. YAY!!! SO glad you were able to share in that! Very happy for you my friend, woohoo!!! I think this next visit we are doing the ultrasound to see how big Greyson is, I am super excited I'm thinking he is a tall one too... Now, regarding Mom in the delivery room... More than likely that won't happen.. A lot of hospitals are limiting the number of people allowed in the delivery room. And if it's already 3 of y'all for liability reasons they probably won't let her.. She might have to be waiting outside and then come in once she's here.. I am sure she will understand, also even if B says "it's ok if they say it's ok" you might want to say no to your Mom still. This is you guys' time to bond with her, you can't get this moment back. And also? B's goodies are gonna be exposed and to have your Mom all up in her "hooha business" might be uncomfortable, even if she says "it's fine" it might be to make you happy :-/... Definitely lots to percolate on (I LOVE THAT, I'm TOTALLY stealing that, haha!!) Your appointment sound like it went amazing. Good luck on percolatin' on everything else! Did they take u/s pics to send to you?

    1. Yeah, N and I talked about it last night...and it's already a slightly awkward moment for us because we're going to be the hangers-on in the delivery room not doing any pushing, etc. And as you said Tonya, it's going to be hard enough to for B to have her ladybits hanging out in front of me and N. So now I have to figure out a way to break it to my mom.

    2. Just tell her it's hospital policy and leave it at that! That's what I would do.. Hopefully she won't argue with that, like Kevin said, make up hospital rules, that's my plan regarding my in laws! ;)

  2. Oh we were all kinds of making up "hospital rules" to keep our moms in line. They hadn't delivered in 30+ years and were all "it's so much more strict now..."

  3. First off, remember how supportive she is being by wanting to join in the experience. Remember you are her only child and this is her grandma moment. That being said, I absolutely agree she needs to hang out in the hallway. I'm sure she will get it; but a little cushioning the blow with hospital policy info is a great option. And in reality, you may not need to make that up. It may be an actual policy! Just be glad I'm not driving in add well. ;-)

  4. "At any rate, the first thing the doctor said when doing the ultrasound was, "This baby looks to be 33 weeks instead of 31." I almost fell over in my chair."... that made my entire week. Very cute! I think this is a truly inspirational journey. Thanks for sharing!

    P.S. I am a hallway fan as well...

    Tiara James
    Jersey City