Saturday, September 15, 2012

A whole lotta catchin' up to do...

A good bit has happened since I last I'll just jump into it.

I'll start with the sad news first.  I decided to stop trying to induce lactation.  It was making me crazy.  I just couldn't pump enough per day while working to produce more than barely a few drops per day.  I honestly don't know how anyone with a job can do it, but I'm sure it's possible.  Also, not being on my HRT was tough.  I hadn't had any estrogen in months and I was not feeling normal.  I had zero energy.  I was cranky.  For anyone who knows anything about HRT (and going off of it), you'll understand the other physical side effects too.  What put me over the edge was that I read an article online written by a woman talking about how struggling to breastfeed was causing her to not focus on her baby, but on herself and her failure.  It rang true with me, and made me realize that I wanted to enjoy these last few months with just me and my husband.  And then when the baby comes, I want it to just be about enjoying being with her.  For anyone else out there trying to induce lactation, I give you all serious props...and major respect!  When the baby comes, I think I'll look into a milkshare.  If anyone knows anything or has experience with that, leave me a note in the comments section.

Now for all the good news!  I feel GREAT being back on estrogen.  I feel like my NORMAL self again.  My energy level is returning back to normal.  I'm not on the verge of crying at work.  And it's only been less than a week back.  Yay!

As for the baby, we're now in the THIRD TRIMESTER!!!  I can't believe we've made it!!  As of today, we've got 79 days to go!  Woohoo!!

B sent us a baby bump pic on Monday to show us how big she is!!  So exciting that lil baby girl is in there hanging out just waiting to meet us!!!  B is doing great herself and doesn't have any issues right now.

Last bit of good news.  N got a new full-time job starting mid-October!!  We're super excited and will be feeling slightly less stressed about how expensive it is to raise a baby in NYC.  Now if only we could find a daycare...  The one we liked now doesn't have any openings until Sept 2013.  Only in New York.  :-\


  1. I am SO glad you decided to stop girl. YOUR health and happiness is too important! I didn't nurse my youngest (lactose intolerant, found out after 8-9 weeks of pure hell crying 24/7!) and my oldest I bailed on him because I was a teenager (19!!) and well, yeah that kid had teeth and used my nipple as his teether (NOT COOL!) and these knuckleheads turned out just fine, your sweet girl is going to be perfect and healthy from milksharing or formula! Yes, only in New York! But the city.. Ahhhhh, definitely a cool place to live! Sooo, if you wanna move on down to FL, Auntie Tonya can babysit, just putting that out there! :-D Gorgeous bump pic and YAY for 79 days, eeeek!!!

    1. You better watch out or I'll take you up on that babysitting thing. ;-)
      Thanks for all the support lady!! Love ya!

  2. Not sad at all! Lil' previous will appreciate a happier, less stress version of mommy. Plus, you'll need all the energy you can get! Congrats to N and the new job. BTW, I agree the sunshine state needs to see you three very soon after she arrives!