Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Breast pumping: Day 2

Only got a very teeny drop from each one during the pumping sessions.  I'm trying not to feel discouraged since everyone's body is different, and it's only Day 3 (this morning).  But I went back and re-read Tonya's first post about her inducing, and it made me feel even less successful.  Oh well, keep plugging away.  Just wanted to give an update.


  1. I was reading on the lenore forum, have you tried adding goat's rue milk? I think that's what it is called? Saw few people who had increase after adding that ?

    1. I haven't tried that, but I have added Blessed Thistle, Fenugreek and a pint of Guinness each night to try and increase it.

  2. Did you up your Domperidone to 80mg? I forgot in the beginning! I also upped it more until I got a nice flow then backed it down to 80mg again... I am taking a slew of herbs and drinking Mothers Milk Tea girl!

    Marshmallow Root
    Fenugreek (9 a day!)
    Blessed Thistle (9 a day)
    Fennel Seed (6 a day)
    More Milk Tincture (4 a day)
    Mothers Milk Tea (3 cups a day)
    Red Raspberry leaf tea (3 cups a day)
    TONS of water
    seems like something else but I can't remember.. It's a lot of supplements though.. I have added and discontinued herbs looking for the perfect combo though! I will get my full list out and email you! Keep your head up though and remember, they said that since I've already nursed twice before inducing would be easier, so don't compare your start to mine sweetie! BIG HUGS, YOU CAN DO THIS!!! <3 <3 <3

  3. You can't really compare yourself to Tonya as she really is re-lacatating. Cut yourself some slack...you're awesome for even trying!! Anything you get is great and you can use a nursing supplementer to increase your supply once the baby comes! That way the baby's sucking will help with your supply and you still get that bonding!!!!! Hang in there.