Friday, August 10, 2012

23 Weeks 4 days Belly Pic!

B sent us a belly pic this afternoon!  It's fuzzy b/c her 8 year old took it with her camera phone.  LOL!  But you can tell how big her tummy is!  So exciting!  Our little peanut isn't a peanut anymore.  Instead I should be calling her our butternut squash!  :-)


  1. Ah!! I LOVE the bump!!!! I'm getting so excited for you (and Tonya!!) You guys made it past the halfway mark!! Only 16 or so more weeks! :) You are going to be an amazing mommy to your little butternut squash!!

  2. Yay! Wow you are at 24 already! I bet you'll be spending the weekend buying (or assembling) baby stuff! We'll be making a suburban Costco run for formula in BULK :)